Super-Filling Porridge

Sunday, May 04, 2014


Add 40 g of oats to a microwavable bowl and then add two egg whites to the bowl.

Next add 100ml water and 100ml milk to the bowl and mix together, the oats should be covered in the mixture.

Cook in the microwave on 50% power for 2 minutes and then after the 2 minutes add a teaspoon of dried ginger and put back in the microwave for another minute on 50% power.

Stir and add back into the microwave for another 60 seconds, again on 50% heat.

Then then the porridge is done - dependant on whether you want it thick or not - add fruits of your choice. Blurberries are a must as they're super tasty, but dried fruits work well too; cranberries, raisins etc.

The fibre from the oats and blueberries will keep you feeling full all morning and the protein in egg whites which keep hunger at bay until well into lunch time.

Posted by Wesley


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