Soak Seeds?

Sunday, May 08, 2011
Question from: TheLady_Kat

Hi - just wanting to know if you soak your seeds overnight like I do with my oats or do they just go in when cooking? I'm soaking my dried fruit overnight and nuts but wasn't sure about seeds.

Answer from pimp my porridge:

Hi Kat,

At the risk of being non-commital, it depends on the seeds really. It also depends on your personal taste. I prefer to have a course texture that cuts through the mushier porridge texture, so I don't soak seeds myself. But some argue that soaking seeds and nuts helps with nutrient absorption (see here). So if it's health you're after, then soaking may be the best bet, but if it's taste, texture, then to each her own. I will say though that dried goji berries are definitely best if soaked - both for taste, texture and for nutrient absorption.

Thanks for writing and reading!

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