Thursday, November 19, 2009

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1 qt. hominy grits
1 c. white beans
2 lb. salt pork
Piece of corned beef or ham bone

Samp porridge was a great Long Island dish from the 1640's to about 50 years ago. It was served in many homes and boarding houses for dinner on Sundays when cooking was not considered proper. It is a cheap and satisfying cold weather dish.

SAMP (as cooked many years ago) :

1 quart of samp (or big hominy grits) was put to soak overnight with 1 cup white beans. The next morning, it was put on the back of the range to simmer all day with 2 pounds salt pork minced fat and lean meat (sometimes a pig's food, a piece of corned beef or a ham bone was used). When done, the beans have gone to pieces and the porridge is thick. It is served very hot.


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